How to develop a geometallurgy project, Oulu 29.01.2020
16.03.2020 - 16.03.2020

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How to develop a geometallurgy project, Oulu
Oulu 16.03.2020 - 16.03.2020

An integrated approach for characterizing ore body variability - maximizing value while minimizing technical and operational risk of mine development/expansion.

A procedure in how to set up a geometallurgy program and analyze the data collected from it is presented.

Geometallurgy is team-based approach used to document variability
within an orebody. It results in quantitative, spatially constrained information that can be incorporated into 3-D models and mine planning activities.

Characterisation is related to processing attributes including comminution (crushing, grinding), liberation, recovery and environmental management.

Key outcome are reduced technical risk, improved forecasting, enhanced economic optimization and improved sustainability.

The short course introduces a range of techniques to enhance of geological in formation that is relevant to mineral processing. It includes presentations, use of tools, a range of computer-based modelling exercises and case studies.

The lecturer:
Simon Michaux
Ph.D in Mining Engineering 2006;
Bach Applied Science Physics
Professional experience over 24 years in Mining industry
Simon Michaux is professional in geometallurgy. He has experience in geometallurgy research and development at JKMRC (Australia), and in feasibility study support in the private sector. In addition to geometallurgy, Simon has training and experience in blasting, exploration geophysics, mining geology,geostatistics, open pit optimization, comminution rock breakage, experimental design, data analysis.
He also worked in Belgium, where he applied mineral processing techniques to recycling and sorting. Simon has worked in the academic sector (in Australia and Belgium), the private sector (for Ausenco Australia) and now works as a senior scientist for the geological Survey of Finland (GTK) in both mineral intelligence and geometallurgy.
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