POHTO – The Institute for Management and Technological Training

POHTO is a Finnish centre for training and development specializing in business management, management of technology, organizational development and professional skills.

Oulu Head Office: Central Administration, Oulu Training and Development Centre, Congress Services
Personnel: 12 employees who provide training in close collaboration with industries and research institutes + over 150 network consultants and specialists

Our Vision: POHTO is the Most Efficient Competence Developer and Trainer in Finland

An example of the Most Efficient Learning Environment is our Future Power: A unique place to practice actual business operation in a realistic environment where people themselves are physically present. Software that supports learning and remote connections also make it possible to complete exercises related to a distributed organization. Future-Power expands analysis to include themes of managing the innovation process, change, and the future. Future-Power visualizes issues and phenomena that are hard to comprehend, so that they can be sensed, experienced, and learned by doing. In business simulations, companies can ”pretest” the commercialization of innovations, for example, before launching them on the market.


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